Team Building

Have your next corporate event at Nashvox Studios for an experience you and your coworkers can't get anywhere else!


"                              "

-Amazon Teambuilding Review

What To Expect

Cover or Original?

Sing an old-familiar favorite or write a team-building song together with one of our professional songwriters!


Now it's time to experience what it's like to record in a real studio with certified audio engineers.


Listen to your song come to life as the music and vocals are processed and your recording engineer walks you through the mixing process!

Planning Your Event

We custom design each experience for your team.  Companies usually choose to cater.  After enjoying some local cuisine, your team will have time to get comfortable with our staff and begin the creative process. This is where the real fun takes place, and where the team building really kicks in. A Nashville professional songwriter will walk them through writing their own unique song. After writing and/or recording, you and your team will be given copies of the music to take home so that you can listen to your masterpiece whenever you please! Each experience is unique so feel free to contact us with any questions.